Mobile data capture forms for proof of delivery

The flexibility of InFormed enables you to run on both consumer and rugged devices, and administrators can quickly change the data capture screens without any programming.

InFormed can be used for a variety of Proof of Delivery (POD) applications. These applications can take a data feed, assign jobs to drivers and create POD documents including customers' signatures, photos and the like. InFormed can also integrate to your core systems for exception reporting and real-time updates.


Turn forms into apps

Create integrated, connected apps that can go live in minutes, without any programming.


Real-time communication

Capture location data with every transaction, giving you a real-time view of your business


Remove Paper Processes

Automatically create any PDF, Word or Excel document directly from a mobile device.

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for ORGANISATIONS with a mobile team

Create all kinds of mobile applications for your business, from quotes, risk assessment forms, statement of work paperwork through to customer service delivery confirmation.

Take a photo, capture a customer signature, and email a quote - all from a mobile device.