• Create any form, such as...
  • Quotes
  • Proof of Delivery
  • Inspection Reports
  • Health & Safety Audits
  • Time sheets
  • Job cards



InFormed for Field Service is a suite of pre-built mobile applications ready to deploy to your mobile workforce. Users can quickly edit these forms to their own requirements, or add new forms using our revolutionary drag-and-drop interface. 

Specifically designed for organisations with a mobile service team, InFormed users complete their data entry using smart phones, Tablets or rugged PDAs.

InFormed automatically records the date, time & GPS location of each job, giving the office a real-time view of their business though our web-based portal. Create all kinds of mobile applications for your business, from quotes, risk assessment forms, statement of work paperwork through to customer service delivery confirmation. 

Take a photo, capture a customer signature, and email a quote - all from a mobile device. The office can track each transaction via our web portal and support their mobile workers as needed.  


turn your forms into apps

  • TransFORM your business by turning data capture forms into integrated, connected apps.
  • Get your apps live in minutes, without any programming.
  • Optimises data capture by using SmartPhone features such as Siri, photos, GPS location, digital signatures and lookup data.

improved, Real-time communication

IF Location.png


  • Capture location data with every transaction, giving you a real-time view of your business.
  • Improve productivity by replacing paper-based processes.
  • Use your own data including customer names, product lists and prices.
  • Easily identify anomalies & exceptions using InFormed Dashboards.

Remove paper processes

  • Automatically create any PDF, Word or Excel document (such as Quotes, Estimates, Job Cards, Health & Safety Reports, Time Sheets) directly from a mobile device.
  • Eliminate any manual data-entry.
  • Automatically email results.
  • Import your data including customer names, product lists and prices.