Mobile data capture solution to help keep your staff safe and sound


Build your H&S apps (such as Risk Assessments & Incident Reports) using the intuitive Informed drag-and-drop editor.


Download the Informed app to enable any user to submit H&S reports using their smartphones, tablets or PCs.


View the results instantly on the Informed Portal.

We’re firm believers that Health & Safety is the responsibility of everyone across an organisation, so we’ve built a system that enables anyone to submit an assessment from their phone, tablet or PC and gives Health & Safety professionals the control to create and modify assessments apps as needed.


Turn forms into apps

Create integrated, connected apps that can go live in minutes, without any programming.


Real-time communication

Capture location data with every transaction, giving you a real-time view of your business


Remove Paper Processes

Automatically create any PDF, Word or Excel document directly from a mobile device.

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Health and safety on the go!

Risk assessments, PPE checks, accident & incident forms, safety & risk reports - we’ve got them all to get your started, and you can create your own applications by using our web portal.

It’s also straightforward to add your own data, such as site addresses, vehicle lists and the like and you can push back completed assessments to your company systems using our one-click integration.